From weekly events to annual sleepaways, our programmes help the disabled users thrive while gaining essential life skills.

All sessions and services are carefully supervised with a high staff ratio and activities are tailored to the very individual and complex needs of our users.

Weekend Club

During weekends, when day centers are closed, time hangs heavily on our disabled users’ hands and there are many hours for their parent-carers to fill. The Saturday club provides live entertainment, singing, dancing, cookery, arts `n` crafts and a nutritious meal — all in the company of their fellow Tikva friends. More than just serving as respite for the parent-carers, it is quality time geared towards developing basic independence, improving social and practical skills and uncovering hidden potential and talents.

Day Trips

Users enjoy fun excursions throughout the year, from boat trips to theme parks, farms and zoos, all of which broaden their horizons. Given their inner-city and sedentary lifestyles, we aim to get them moving with tailormade activities like kiting and hiking. Indoor sessions include bowling, trampolining, music and art, with 1:1 support, building up their fitness levels, self-confidence and giving them an elusive sense of accomplishment.

Summer Camp

Tikva’s ever-popular, specialized sleepaway camp, in the beautiful English countryside, builds upon the successes of the year-round weekend clubs and day trips, giving our disabled users an opportunity to practice their newly-mastered skills and talents. The programme is geared to the needs and abilities of each user in a warm, safe and nurturing environment, along with delicious fully catered meals. Secure in the knowledge that their loved ones are devotedly taken care of, parent-carers are able to unwind or take a much-needed escape themselves.

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Winter Weekend

To break up the long winter season where users and their aging parent-carers are often cooped up indoors for longer periods, Tikva runs a winter weekend away from home for their disabled users. The users have a delightful time in spacious accommodation and the parent-carers have the luxury of down time to energise and rejuvenate.

“My son could never go on outings with other disabled groups, because he was too challenging. Tikva did our son a world of good. Instead of sitting at home, he got out to see the world, went on outings, travelled, and has had many good impressions.”
Toby Perlman
“My son just waits for Saturdays. He asks, ‘When am I going? When are they coming?’ And when he comes home he’s absolutely satisfied.”
Rachel Josebashvilli
“My son now has a whole group of adult friends. He loves going. When we wake him with the news he claps with joy. And the carers are so well trained. When I picked him up from his first Tikva trip, I expected to find very dirty trousers, as in the past. But he was squeaky clean!”
Yittel Bineth
“Tikva fills the gap between school and home. Our cultural needs are met, the carers are well vetted and the environment is safe,< one that you could trust for your child.”
Bella Sharer
“After the first Feldenkrais session I attended I felt a huge reduction of my usual lower-back stiffness each morning.”
Shoshana L
“All week long, after the counselling session, I felt more calm and did not get stressed about things that usually bother me.”
Petra K
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