From peer support to weekend retreats, the parent carers have a chance to live, laugh and do what they love.

All sessions and services are selected based on the feedback and need of our ageing parent carers, to enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing in an optimum way.

Day Trips and Social Events

Our much-awaited outdoor excursions and dining-out nights are brimming with inspiration, comedy and stimulation. They transport our parent-carers light years away from the stresses of their everyday lives, providing an essential enjoyable welcome break.

Overnight Retreats

Parent-carers enjoy an annual two day retreat in a four star hotel in coastal Bournemouth, basking in the sun, enjoying a spa, socialising with peers and forging strong friendships. The participants return home invigorated, rested and refreshed.

Guided Cycling Sessions

Enjoying the wonderful therapeutic effects of…Cycling! Whether the parent-carers are at the stage of learning how to use a bike, or whether they are veteran cyclists, their myriad challenges just fly away in the wind. At our popular weekly sessions, which fully accessible and run by Pedal Power volunteer trainers, they gratefully embrace the great outdoors forgetting for a while all their tension and worries .

Health and Wellness Activities

Few things relieve tension and boost mental health like stimulating physical and leisure activities. Parent carers meet up weekly for invigorating fun-filled sessions like guided cycling, art therapy, dancing, aerobics, aquarobics and Feldenkrais® exercise, for a richly therapeutic outlet for body and mind.

A hammock chair in boho style, with beautiful Lily flowers.

Counselling Sessions

Parents-carers face ongoing challenges and therefore tend to overlook their own needs. Tikva’s counselling and therapeutic sessions, led by a professional facilitator, provide vital support in a safe and friendly group setting. Parent-carers feel validated and understood amongst those who identify with their emotional and physical struggles, which makes the journey more bearable.

Protecting the environment, nature and life.

Advocacy and Referrals

Where necessary, we signpost parent-carers to our relevant affiliated organisations, to ensure families receive all the support available to continue in their critical caring roles.

“I count the days for the cycling session. It’s such a great outlet and so beneficial for us. You forget about your child who waits for you when you get home.”
Yittel Bineth
“The aquarobics sessions are amazing for me because I had two hip replacements. They’d otherwise be too expensive, but through Tikva it’s free.”
Rachel Josebashvilli
“I never dreamed I could bring home such a nice painting. The sessions bring out so many dormant talents and make us feel more than just a carer.”
Toby Perlman
“When I get a Tikva invite, I really look forward. They’re hardworking and dedicated and always make their events fun. It’s a happy place to be.”
Bella Sharer
“After the first Feldenkrais session I attended I felt a huge reduction of my usual lower-back stiffness each morning.”
Shoshana L
“All week long, after the counselling session, I felt more calm and did not get stressed about things that usually bother me.”
Petra K
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