An oasis of  hope         joy   support
for families with disability

Where challenges become opportunities!

Opening minds to a world beyond limits,

broadening horizons and making everyday challenges easier.

We are the only local organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of both

parent-carers and their disabled adult children, aged 18+

Successfully supporting both user groups since 2003.

That’s over 20 years of excellence!

We support families with members suffering from moderate – severe developmental and learning disabilities including; Autism, Down’s syndrome and Aspergers, oft coupled with physical disabilities, such as spina bifida or blindness.

Tikva is also committed to provide relief of poverty, sickness and distress.

what we offer



Practical and moral support for both adults with disabilities and their parent carers, motivate both groups to keep going whilst being nurtured at the same time


Customised activities and ongoing retreats give parent-carers a chance to recharge and disabled users hours of fulfillment and joy.


A social circle of like- minded  individuals provides empathy and companionship for Tikva’s users , both parent-carers and disabled adults.

Our impact

Instant Relief. Lifelong Results.

“We could live as a normal couple again.”

Toby Perlman

“I could finally be a grandmother to my grandchildren.”

Yittel Bineth

“It’s impossible to describe the difference. It’s a lifesaver.”

Rachel Josebashvilli

How we make a difference

Yes, there is Life after disability.

Parent-carers live in an isolated world.

Caring for their disabled adult child is physically and emotionally draining. Most of our parent-carers are aging empty-nesters with their own medical issues. 

They need a life beyond their role as carer. 

Ongoing peer and professional support validates their concerns, combats their social isolation and gives them energy to continue in their vital caring role. 

When a child with disabilities is young, they’re sweet and lovable. And they’re still manageable. 

But as they get older, their needs become more complex and they demand more time, energy and stimulation. 

They need a life regardless of their disability. 

Group activities and leisure trips on weekends and holidays nurtures their social needs, stimulates their minds and gives them a sense of joy and satisfaction. 

Tikva’s recreation and support services give parent-carers and their disabled children a way to love life. And live it to the fullest.

Our Services

tikva’s operation

Disabled User Services

Parent-carer Services

from the mouth of mums

“Tikva is the first organisation working for both of us, me and my son. I was drowning. I needed help desperately and Tikva provided it. It was like being under water, and coming up to take a deep breath.”
Rachel Josebashvilli, mother of Chesky, 33, who has cerebral palsy and developmental delay
“The people who set up Tikva did so wholeheartedly. Tikva never evolved into a business, but remained a charity which genuinely cares about each and every user. And the care comes straight from the top.”
Bella Sharer, mother of Chaim Boruch, 31, who has Down's syndrome
“As Bentzy was growing up, I struggled enormously to meet both his needs and those of my other children. When he turned 18, Tikva turned my life around. Their out-of-hours programme was a huge help for my health and wellbeing and gave me the headspace to resume my life as a normal wife, mother and grandmother.”
Yittel Bineth, mother of Benzy, 20, who is severely autistic and has high complex needs
“We became different people. More confident, more assertive and happier in ourselves. It felt like we were pulled out of the mud”
Toby Perlman, mother of Leizer, 40, who is severely autistic
“Thank you so much, it's amazing! It's the first time in 20 years that I'm doing something for me!"
S Bard, mother of two special needs adults
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How we operate

The difference is in the details

Longstanding Dedicated Staff

Our staff have been with us for years and know the users' needs and habits inside-out, giving them the comfort and security of constancy and familiarity.

Culturally appropriate environment

Tikva meets the specific cultural needs of our Orthodox Jewish users, otherwise not available in mainstream provisions, e.g. kosher cuisine.

Founded by Parents
for Parents

Coming from the trenches, the founders genuinely know what our beneficiaries need and will do whatever it takes to smooth their journey.

20 Years in Practice

After years on the job, we've fine-tuned what works for our beneficiaries to a T, so they get useful and targeted services.

High Staff-User Ratio

Given many users high complex needs, we have a high ratio of staff, with some users benefiting from 1:1 support, ensuring uncompromising care.

Open Communication

We value our partnership with members. Our management is only a phone call away and deals with feedback promptly to ensure plain sailing.

Tikva in numbers


Applicants turned away, irrespective of their ability to pay

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Families supported- replacing despair with hope and optimism


Current long-term disabled users

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Parent-carers’ two-day retreat

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Annual budget for weekend clubs

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Two-week summer for camp disabled users

case study

Tikva in real life

Meet Yittel. 

Yittel is a doting mother and grandmother.  She loves hosting her family and making her grandchildren’s favourite pizza — especially on weekends, when they’re off school. 

But it wasn’t always possible. Because Yittel also has an 18-year-old son Bentzy, who is severely autistic and has high complex needs. 

For years, caring for Bentzy took over her life. Dressing, feeding, changing, bathing — he couldn’t be alone for a minute. Weekends were especially draining, with minimal social care provisions for the long unstructured days. 

Yittel tried having her couples over, but Bentzy would act up at the slightest change. A baby crying would put him in a frenzy, throwing, breaking, spilling. The grandchildren would scurry away in fear and treasured family time was lost.

The party was over even before it began. 

And then came the big day. Bentzy turned 18.

Finally, Yittel could access the support she was desperate for.

Tikva took Bentzy for three hours on Saturday afternoon and during out of school hours, giving Yittel time to just be. 

Benzy still takes over her life. But for a significant time each week, Yittel can be a grandmother. She can be a host. She can be the unharried mother she once was.

During that blessed time, Yittel could be a person.

“In the life of a parent-carer,” says Yittel, “Tivka’s support is the gift of life.”


Thank you to all our kind supporters who 

grant life and laughter

to adults with disabilities and their devoted parent-carers

Our priority is to be a constant beacon of support for our vulnerable users. During the recent lockdowns, our parent-carers were particularly hard hit. With day centres closed, they were confined for many hours with their disabled children, leading to unbearably high pressure and frustration on the home front. Tikva jumped in by taking out the disabled adults individually and providing therapy and exercise sessions remotely, thereby safely granting our members respite and support. We also substituted cancelled events with individual pampering packages, giving users the message of empathy and validation during this difficult time.