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When hope was Born


Toby Perelman and Sarah Hanstater both had disabled adult children living at home. As their loved ones aged, it became harder to manage their needs.  It also became increasingly more isolating. 

Society couldn’t understand them. They shared no common ground with old friends.  They couldn’t even go out to socialise at night; caring for a disabled adult is a round-the-clock job.

“Even if you closed your eyes tight and tried to envision what a day in our life looks like, you wouldn’t come close to reality,” says Toby.  

No one could fix their child’s disability. Or wave away their worries with a magic wand. 

The two stalwart women faced the stigma head-on and formed a group that would give peer support, respite and hope to parent carers like them, while simultaneously granting fun and friendship to their disabled children.

                                  And so, in 2003, Tikva was born, giving parents a life beyond their role as carer.