“Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships.”

Tikva’s team and parent carers are champions.  

Champions in how they continue to champion for new members, to ensure no disabled adult or parent carer is left behind. 

Champions in how they care for their own adult disabled children every day. 

Champions in how they do this, not for fame or fanfare, but for their love of humankind and their desire to effect lasting change.

Board Members

Toby Perelman

Founder and Treasurer

Sarah Hanstater

Founder and Chairperson

Melanie Danan


Katleen Tesler


Rachel Josabashvili


Operational Team

Sarah Ilse Rapaport

Project Manager

Chaya Lieber


Esther Pollack

Funding Officer

Uri Simon

Head Support Worker

Rifka Padwa

Financial Officer

Our Staff

Tivka’s staff may be here for a profession, but their passion continuously trumps that assumption. They are sensitive, experienced and extraordinarily devoted, enjoying deeply rewarding and enduring relationships with the disabled users they’ve so long been caring for.

Truly, their dedication awes observers and community members, who observe them in admiration when out and about. 

Our Volunteers

Tikva enlists the help of volunteers from the community for events and fundraisers. This outside support creates a bridge between our users and the community,
reducing  stigma and fostering inclusion.

We offer training for staff, volunteers and support workers, ensuring they are well informed about Tikva’s core policies, including behaviour management, risk assessments and health and safety procedures.

All staff and volunteers are subjected to an enhanced DBS check.