Community Fundraising Event

In addition to seeking out general funding opportunities, Tikva endeavours to generate its own resources by creating awareness of the needs of the disabled in the local community and involving them in our fundraising activities.

Tikva ran two highly successful fundraising campaigns In the local community. The trek4tikva walkathon attracted around 100 participants, including some disabled walkers, from the London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey and Barnet. The aim was to promote Tikva’s activities and to secure much-needed funding for our bi-annual rural breaks for disabled adults.

Over £11,000 was raised by walkers who had a choice between a shorter 3.5km trek or the longer 7km riverside route along London’s River Lee & surrounding marshes. The grand finale was a lavish sponsored brunch at a local restaurant, including free make-overs for participants.

One grateful Tikva beneficiary, a carer of two sons with autism managed to raise £1,600 from friends and acquaintances and looks forward to joining us this summer.

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