About Tikva

Who we are

Tikva was founded in 2003, by parent-carers of disabled adults who were in desperate need of:

• A programme of quality extra-curricular activities for their loved ones
• Professional and peer support for themselves to enable and empower them to continue in their strenuous caring roles.

Thus Tikva was created to meet these two vital needs.

Since its inception, membership has increased exponentially, due to more awareness within the community and an increasing number of young people with disabilities who have reached adulthood. Currently we have over fifty member families.

Whilst most of the parents are caring for their disabled adult children in the family home on an ongoing basis, we also support those parents whose loved ones are currently living elsewhere. They too need emotional and peer support.

Quality mark achieved

• Tikva is proud to announce that in November 2016 we were awarded a PQASSO quality mark in recognition of the valuable work Tikva delivers. Here is a summary of the assessor's report:

“Tikva is an excellent organisation that demonstrated an impressive commitment to the provision of high quality services to service users.  Trustees and staff all showed a passion for working with their users and helping them manage their lives. User feedback is very positive. The organisation is well led and managed.  Governance is effective. There are good systems in place for ensuring that a high quality level of service is provided consistently."

Our aim

Tikva aims to provide quality activities which transport our disabled adults from frustration to fulfilment and our parent-carers and their families from despair to hope.

How we achieve this

We run a comprehensive programme of tailor-made activities designed to meet the specific needs of both user groups.

• ‘I Also Matter’ activities for Disabled Adults
• ‘Carving out Me Time’ for Parent-carers

Our Partners

- Bikur Cholim D’Satmar Trust
- Kisharon
- North London Bikur Cholim
- In Touch
- The Interlink Foundation
- Ability North London
- Misgav

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