Summer In Salisbury – August 2018

Tikva ran a two-week summer camp in conjunction with Step Up (a division of Step by Step disability charity) which is headed by Mr Mark Grosskopf.

The Step-up/Tikva group consisted of 17 adults with learning disabilities plus 18 support workers under the guidance of our experienced and devoted head counsellor Mr Israel Morgenstern.

With a theme WHO AM I? there was an infinite number of possibilities to fully amuse and occupy the campers for 13 action-packed days.

Every day had a ‘topic’ and was celebrated a series of creative activities and relevant day-trips. Campers had a chance to dress up like their favourite singer, try their hand at being a baker, visit Legoland as builders, squirt water from a real fire engine like a fire fighter, perform in a circus as a magician or even make-believe that they were a groom, businessman, coach driver, first aider or pilot.

Other activities included orienteering, swimming, outdoor sports, visiting an air museum, watching a video and enjoying races, quizzes, parties with live singing and dancing all in good cheer with the trademark warm atmosphere Tikva is famous for.

Campers all returned feeling refreshed and accomplished, feeling that their dreams & wishes had come true!


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