We Care For Parents Too

Parents, weary from providing years of selfless care 24/7, are empowered to rise above their challenges and also focus on their own needs.

They enjoy a comprehensive programme of support and well-being activities including:

  •  Art therapy sessions
  •  Pilates and aerobics classes
  •  Aquarobics sessions
  •  Dancing sessions
  •  Advocacy and referrals
  •  Guided cycling sessions
  •  Inspiring social events and trips

Recently the parent-carers were entertained by a world-famous comedian from New York. It was humbling and gratifying to watch their worries and responsibilities literally dissolving in front of us, as their expressions changed from stressful to amused and joyful. The laughter and spirited comments as they sat glued to their seats were a far cry from their usual tense and anxious demeanors.  One parent-carer commented: “It was an amazing feeling to just drop everything for a short while and enjoy the laughter therapy!”

Most of all parents value the vital respite they enjoy when Tikva takes over their caring role by providing tailor-made activities and sleepaways for their learning disabled adult children – see Activities page for more details.