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Mothers Mini-Retreat 2019

On a glorious sunny Monday morning in May, a group of Tikva mothers piled into a comfortable minivan which transported them to a dream-like mini-retreat which lasted one day but felt like a week away from the hustle, bustle and stresses of their everyday lives.  Arriving at the beautiful mansion located on acres well-kept grounds, […]


Tikva ran a pilot two-week summer camp in conjunction with Step Up (a division of Step by Step disability charity) which is headed by Mr Mark Grosskopf. The Step-up/Tikva group consisted of 17 adults with learning disabilities plus 18 support workers under the guidance of our experienced and devoted head counsellor Mr Israel Morgenstern. With […]

Annual Carers Event January 2018

In contrast to the cold, icy weather outside, Tikva parent-carers enjoyed  warm camaraderie and a fun-filled event enhanced by gourmet food and a rich programme.  The highlight was an interactive drumming session  facilitated by a professional drummer.  The shining faces and the wide grins of the participants said it all.

Annual Carers Retreat – May 2017

Amidst the sunshine & sea of the Bournemouth holiday resort, a group of weary and overworked carers enjoyed a most luxurious break, at our annual two-day retreat. Excellent cuisine & perfect weather complemented their stay at a four-star cosy hotel. Guest welcome packs including snacks and gifts were presented to every participant upon arrival, making […]

An Evening Of Comedy For Carers

“I’ve never laughed so much in my entire life!” commented Mrs Wallis wiping away tears of laughter. Carers laughed away their stresses and worries with world-class comedian Marianne Hermes from Lakewood, New Jersey who gave a spectacular performance to a large group of parent-carers. The majority of participants are so tied down with their caring […]

Community fundraising event

In addition to seeking out general funding opportunities, Tikva endeavours to generate its own resources by creating awareness of the needs of the disabled in the local community and involving them in our fundraising activities. In 2016, TIKVA launched a very successful fundraising campaign in the community. The trek4tikva walkathon attracted around 100 participants, including some […]